Safe And Effective

  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Hip, Knee and Foot Pain
  • Shoulder and Arm Problems
  • Sports Injuries
  • Headache
  • Pregnancy-Related Problems


Osteopathy is a safe and gentle hands-on approach to your various aches, pains and stiffness. Treatment is aimed at helping your body move and function as best as it possibly can, focusing on your individual needs and working towards your overall wellbeing.

Your First Visit

At your first session I will need to get an understanding of your complaint and the context in which it has developed. If osteopathy is appropriate for you, we will start treatment and advise you on how to manage your problem at home.

Is it for me?

Osteopaths assess and treat people of any age, from the newborn to the elderly and from pregnant women to sports people. Please contact me if you need any advice or would like to know more about how osteopathy may be able to help you.

Osteopath in Victoria, St James Park, Westminster and Greenwich

London Victoria

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Greenwich Therapy Centre,
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